Everyone has baggage


No shame, no judgment.  We are all carrying a little something.


2 thoughts on “Everyone has baggage

  1. Those dirty-little secrets we choose to keep deep inside as ‘baggage’. Feeling out-of-world and not knowing where to let it out, that’s where our ‘baggage’ go: no where. Just that they’ll stay within us, regardless of the amount of years that passed. They remain. And guilt follows in to join the party (depending on the weight of the baggage carried).


    • True! The way we interact with others, the way we feel about ourselves – all of it can color our world and weigh us down. There is some baggage of mine that I like, that I want to keep with me, but other parts that I need to release. Do I really need that extra suitcase filled with guilt? Not ever. I have enough to carry.
      thanks for commenting!


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