Find Your Passion

find your passion

What is it that YOU are meant to do?


5 thoughts on “Find Your Passion

      • Like yourself, I’m still searching mine. But I’ve been profoundly intrigued in writing and literature up to recent events. I can’t help but be swayed by emotion in the meanings they bring.

        Funny, I had such disgust for them back then — that was probably because I took things lightly, then.

        But then I tried.

        And I found a new world beyond my bubble. I feel sheepishly glad for the grandest discovery of mine. Aside from that, I just hope that my laziness would go away so that I’d be free to pursue my passion openly. If only…

        And I think it does change our lives. Little by little, ensuring us the growth spurt that we need — whether we realise it or not. And it diverts us to the direction of maturity we seek in thought and knowledge, which would broaden our view of things.

        Besides the writing and literature, I’m still learning. And discovering. I’d like to know where my passion leads to though.

        Haha. Well, that’s what I think. 🙂


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